The Life Of A Bookworm

Ever have the feeling of being so drained your eyes and brain seem to glaze over? I think I’m getting to that point now. Pushing myself to finish the last two big assignments due before the Christmas break is taking its toll. At this point all I want to do is hibernate and read books……lots of them! I’ll read pretty much anything, from classics to chick lit to fantasy and non-fiction such as cookbooks and self-help and biographies. This love of books was instilled in me thanks to my parents, who are both librarians. When I was younger, I read non-fiction pretty much non-stop. Now I try to read an even split between fiction and non-fiction.
Goodreads is very helpful for us bookworms. This is an American site founded in 2006. It allows you to create virtual bookshelves and track what you are reading, the number of books you have read and the number of books you want to read – all under one virtual roof. No more handwritten lists of must-read books, which you’re always losing (oh, the frustration!); Goodreads takes care of it! If you have a book which is not in their database you can add it too. I can read several books in a week if I don’t have anything more pressing to do. The longest time I have ever taken to read a book is two weeks (it was Gone With The Wind). Of course this depends on the book’s length, but like I said, I’ll read anything!


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