Sunday viewing


At Your Service is a popular programme on RTE 1 here in Ireland. The presenters of the show, John Brennan and his older brother Francis (both pictured, John (dark hair) and Francis (silver hair)), own a five-star hotel in Kerry called the Park Hotel Kenmare. They give “business makeovers” to guesthouses, small hotels and B&Bs around Ireland. Their advice covers everything from catering to staff to menus to interior design. John Brennan is responsible for marketing opportunities and financial issues. Francis takes care of the main inspection and not even the smallest detail escapes his watchful eye. The brothers’ hands-on approach with practical and often witty advice has contributed to the success of the show, now in its seventh series. Their work ethic is to be admired – Francis doesn’t take a day off, not even Christmas. Francis is very chatty and often says “I could live with anybody but nobody could live with me!” Also on the show, he can always at some point be heard saying to the business owner “C’mere ‘til I tell ya…..(insert piece of advice here)”. It’s great viewing for a Sunday evening when there’s nothing else on!


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