How Literature Gave Us Spock

Rest In Peace, Mr. Spock! A sad day for Trekkies everywhere…..


There is a moment when we are all touched by the humanity in these creatures that are supposedly inhuman, when the character, Spock, the Frankenstein monster, or Quasimodo, says, “I, too, need love.” Millions respond and love pours out because we all need it and we all understand. When one is touched, by a flower or a drink of water, then we are all touched and we can cry for him and ourselves. Tears of connection. And now I realize that all of this was preparation for the role of Spock. Crying for Quasimodo’s heart inside that awful body. Loving the monster who spared the child. Joining with humanity to share understanding and compassion.

These very simple and obviously human experiences were the best preparation an actor could have to play the supposedly ahuman Spock. Spock was not my first experience playing alienated characters.

-From Leonard Nimoy’s first autobiography, I…

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Apps, Apps & More Apps!

Apps… many of them, so little time. Some of my favourite apps to use on my iPhone and iPad are: a Irish news site, interspersed with humorous lists
Facebook/Messenger: no need to really say anything here, except I stay in touch with family and friends.
Twitter: for keeping up with industry influencers
Goodreads: to keep track of my books and reading progress

Candy Crush Soda Saga: for a bit of mindless fun/distraction now and then!

What are your favourites?

The River of Life

I have been figuring out what I want to do with my life. This is a slow and ongoing process. I will never have it all worked out, as that is the nature of life. I know that there are a few concrete things I would like to do.
To continue learning.
To work in an educational environment.
To remember what is most important to me.
To find people to support me in this process.
According to, a life plan should answer the following three questions:
1 How do you want to be remembered?
2 What matters most to you? (I will give my own answer to this in a future post)
3 How can you get from here to where you want to be?
I am slowly forming these ideas every day.