How Literature Gave Us Spock

Rest In Peace, Mr. Spock! A sad day for Trekkies everywhere…..


There is a moment when we are all touched by the humanity in these creatures that are supposedly inhuman, when the character, Spock, the Frankenstein monster, or Quasimodo, says, “I, too, need love.” Millions respond and love pours out because we all need it and we all understand. When one is touched, by a flower or a drink of water, then we are all touched and we can cry for him and ourselves. Tears of connection. And now I realize that all of this was preparation for the role of Spock. Crying for Quasimodo’s heart inside that awful body. Loving the monster who spared the child. Joining with humanity to share understanding and compassion.

These very simple and obviously human experiences were the best preparation an actor could have to play the supposedly ahuman Spock. Spock was not my first experience playing alienated characters.

-From Leonard Nimoy’s first autobiography, I…

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My Education Experience

Life as a disabled student has its challenges.

I came across a quote a while ago which said:
The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.
William Arthur Ward
So it is with my experience of education. As a student with (thankfully) mild disabilities, I still have had to put extra effort in to keep up with my peers. I use some assistive technology in lectures – not to give me an unfair advantage, but to allow me to remain on the same level as classmates. According to the quote I have had far more great teachers than mediocre ones and I am grateful for that. I believe that education should be inclusive and my lecturers confirm that belief every day.