My Favourite Female Rockers

The spark for this post came from a library book. I’m currently reading She Bop: The Definitive History Of Women In Popular Music by Lucy O’Brien.

I love music and rock music is my favourite genre. I would say 95% of the music I listen to is rock. I can find something in almost every genre to love – reggae, pop, rap, soul, country – and it is the same with rock. I don’t have many female rockers in my collection but that is probably because I haven’t explored this enough. With rock being such a broad genre, I will give anything a listen – made easier by the likes of YouTube and probably Spotify (note to self: download free version ASAP).

I have always loved Joan Jett, Debbie Harry, Chrissie Hynde, Suzi Quatro and Cher. I thought they were feisty, smart, tough, fearless and badass – traits that I aspire to have. Even within country music, I admire women like Dolly Parton, Reba McEntire, Trisha Yearwood, Martina McBride and Carrie Underwood.

I have recently started listening to Girlschool and the Runaways, and they sound brilliant. It is not just the music that draws me to these women; it is also their style, fashion sense and the way they carry themselves. They are confident and sassy.

This post is not to bash the several male artists and bands that regularly receive heavy rotation on my iPod but to give credit to the spunky females I adore.


Cher Sept 2010 – looking every inch the rock chick!



Suzi Quatro

Suzi Quatro 1970s – sassy 🙂

debbie harry

Debbie Harry 1970s – Blondie’s femme fetale

joan jett

Joan Jett 1970s – love her style


Chrissie Hynde – oozing cool like a female Keith Richards


My favourite books of 2015

For my last post of 2015, I’ll go through some of the books that stood out for me in 2015 (14 in all). Here we go:

1 Mindwalker by AJ Steiger

Why I liked this: I found some elements of Divergent in there, but I really liked this because it was extremely fast-paced and well-written. I am really looking forward to the sequel, Mindstormer. I found Lain to be relatable and I was rooting for her.

2 Counting My Blessings by Francis Brennan

Why I liked this: Francis Brennan owns a hotel in Ireland called the Park Hotel Kenmare in county Kerry. As shown in the book, he has a sunny outlook on life. It was a light easy read and enjoyable.

3 The Perfume Collector by Kathleen Tessaro

Why I liked this: I simply got sucked into the story immediately and the book was very descriptive. I think there should be a sequel.

4 Divergent by Veronica Roth

Why I liked this: I forgot to finish The Hunger Games, but this was an excellent novel with great characters.

5 Insurgent by Veronica Roth

Why I liked this: Again see above. I am hunting everywhere for Allegiant and I cannot wait to finish this excellent series!

6 Travelling To Infinity by Jane Hawking

Why I liked this: I picked this up in my local library. I have long had a fascination with Professor Stephen Hawking, but also I had personal reasons for choosing this. A truly eye-opening account of life with a very famous man.

7 Weightless by Sarah Bannan

Why I liked this: This caught my eye in the library. The way the book was written in the third person gave it a fresh perspective. An original piece of fiction.

8 Tease by Amanda Maciel

Why I liked this: This book was based on the tragic suicide of Phoebe Prince who moved from Ireland to the US. Similar to Weightless but again this sucked me in from the first page.

9 The Smartest Guys In The Room by Bethany McLean

Why I liked this: I read this in April when we had watched the documentary of the same name in strategic management class. If I hadn’t watched the doc, I would have found it very dry but I found it gripping.

10 Prince Lestat by Anne Rice

Why I liked this: I love Anne Rice and her vampire world – simple. This was an easy choice, with well-crafted characters.

11 The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren

Why I liked this: Though this is a Christian book in tone, I found the book non-preachy and very comforting.

12 The Owl Who Liked Sitting On Caesar by Martin Windrow

Why I liked this: A man who adopts an adorable tawny owl called Mumble? Gimme…..cue “awww!” I am crazy about owls and I just fell in love with both Martin and Mumble.

13 Brandwashed by Martin Lindstrom

Why I liked this: I realised that brands are impossible to escape, they are everywhere.

14 Screw Business As Usual by Richard Branson

Why I liked this: I really admire Richard Branson and unlike some other business books this is easy to read. An interesting look at his philosophy.



Book Hunt! #4

This selection comes from Tallaght and Ballyroan libraries, both in county Dublin. As you’ll notice, there is some more fiction in there than usual:

Tallaght books 4-11-2015

From top:

Mindfulness For Life – Stephen McKenzie & Craig Hassed

The Moon And More – Sarah Dessen (I have read most of her books, but not this one)

Hopeless – Colleen Hoover

Abandon – Meg Cabot

Mindwalker – A.J. Steiger

Lament – Maggie Stiefvater

Let It Snow – Debbie Macomber

The Barefoot Contessa Cookbook – Ina Garten

Can’t wait to dive in! I’m currently reading Uglies by Scott Westerfield, and I think I will read the rest of that series too.

Book Hunt! #3

This time my selection of books is from Fingal library in Blanchardstown in Dublin:

fingal library books 18-Sept-2015

From top:

The Feel The Fear Guide To Lasting Love – Susan Jeffers

Nice Girls Don’t Get The Corner Office – Lois P Frankel

Outcast Of Redwall – Brian Jacques

Waiting For The Sun – Barney Hoskyns

Angel Dust – Sarah Mussi

Divergent – Victoria Roth

The Art Of Happiness – The Dalai Lama

Vanishing Girls – Lauren Oliver

Emotional Intelligence – Gill Hasson

She-Bop: The Definitive History Of Women In Rock, Pop & Soul – Lucy O’Brien

The Art Of Baking Blind – Sarah Vaughan

Guns N Roses: The Band That Time Forgot – Paul Stenning

Keith Richards On Keith Richards: Interviews & Encounters – ed by Sean Egan

Once again I found a few that I had been looking for for quite a while!

Book Hunt! #2

I found a small selection of books from Tallaght library in Dublin on Tuseday, and here they are:

Tallaght books 25-8-2015

From top:

Chick Ink: 40 Stories of Tattoos And The Women Who Wear Them – Karen L Hudson

Into The Black: The Inside Story Of Metallica (1991-2014) – Paul Brannigan & Ian Winwood (turns out there is a previous book, Birth School Metallica Death, which I will have to track down)

Mad Men & Bad Men: What Happened When British Politics Met Advertising – Sam Delaney

Fashion On The Ration – Julie Summers

Complementary Medicine For Dummies – Jacqueline Young

The Kitchen Diaries – Nigel Slater

The Kitchen Diaries II – Nigel Slater

I’m happy with this bunch, particularly seeing as I had been looking for The Kitchen Diaries (both volumes) for some time. Can’t wait to get stuck in!


I recently finished reading a book about Kundalini meditation by Kathryn McCusker. I found the book in my local library. I got it because I had been reading a lot of material on the internet about chakras. Chakras are the Hindu belief of spiritual power in the body.

kundalini mediation book

I will do a post about chakras and explain them more fully. But one thing I will say is that yoga features a lot in the book. Sadly I am not flexible enough to attempt it!

Book Hunt! #1

OK, I’ve been running around the place like a mad thing for the past few weeks. However I went to Dublin to the library in Blanchardstown yesterday, and this is what I found after a successful book hunt:

Library books Fingal 26-6-2015

In case it doesn’t show up right, the books I found are as follows, from top:

Flagging Stress by Dr Harry Barry

Assassins Creed: Renaissance by Oliver Bowden

The Healing Power Of Angels by Ambika Wauters

Nella Last In The 1950s

The Beauty Myth by Naomi Wolf

Angel Answers by Diana Cooper

Healing With The Angels by Doreen Virtue

Grrrls Viva Rock Divas by Amy Raphael

The Tao Of Pooh by Benjamin Hoff

Ringleaders & Sidekicks by Rosalind Wiseman

What Should We Tell Our Daughters? by Melissa Benn

I’m looking forward to diving into this lot!