My Traybake: Rocky Road

As you may have noticed from my fellow classmates’ blogs, we regularly bring in baked goodies for each other (to ease the stress of college, haha). Today it’s my turn! My choice is Easter egg rocky road – a traybake consisting of melted chocolate, shortbread biscuits, mini eggs, mini marshmallows and fudge pieces. However the great thing about rocky road is you can tip anything into it, whether that’s crushed Maltesers, chocolate buttons, nuts, melted or chunky chocolate…..whatever you fancy!


The only thing that was different about the one I brought in was I had used all the mini eggs for the mix so I had none left for the top. I topped it with fudge pieces instead. I used a mixture of Cadbury’s Dairy Milk chocolate and Aldi milk chocolate for the topping.

This was a hit with my classmates (they all had two pieces each!) and I came home with two pieces left. Result!