Busy Bee!

This summer I am definitely a busy bee. I’m exploring various things, whether I’d like to work with Amnesty International, working on securing an internship with my college, and also finding ways to try and stem the mild depression I’ve had since last year. It can be fun and exhilarating but also strange, with various things happening at once!

This is pretty much me at the moment!

Summer is finally here…………….

Summer time this year can only mean one thing for me – job hunting! I have plans to do a master’s degree in Digital Marketing in September next year, so the only way I can realise this is to find a (hopefully) paid internship somewhere. At present I am filling in a lot of forms (great….not! this is so tedious) and I have my CV up-to-date. This, along with being active on LinkedIn, will hopefully get me something. The CV isn’t the hardest thing to complete, but a personal statement is. One of the internships I am applying for requires a personal statement. I have been tossing ideas around in my head for almost a week. I will be moving on this very soon and I’m sure something will come of it.